Patients Referral for Clinics

Professional Presentation

Every registered health provider has a presentation page with multiple sections that can be administered with an username/password.

Travel Costs Estimator

Patients have access to a cost estimation application for travelling to your clinic and can compare different travel options.

Multimedia Presentation

Upload photographs and video presentation of your medical facility.

Thorough Informations

Present your medical team and their expertise. Complete info on offered medical treatments so that patients can use the "Cost Estimation Tool" for estimating the costs.

Testimonial Requests

Easily receive testimonials from former patients just by sending a "Testimonial Request" to their e-mail.

Build Special Offers

Create Special Offers by combining medical procedures and extra services (free accomodation, touristic tours) into a single discounted offer.
We make medical tourism easy!

We'd love to help your business!

We send valid enquiries from patients to hospitals and clinics.

Create Customized Health-care Packages (Special Offers) so that patients with discounts and extra services. Having an all-inclusive treatment package with accomodation, food and beverages, even a city-tour or a personal assistant will attract patients that otherwise wouldn't think of travelling to a foreign location.

How do we work:

Patients browse through the listings and pick clinics that they send enquiries to.

You receive an e-mail with the enquiry addressed to your clinic along with the contact details of the patient.

Great content attracts patients!

Our platform is built around the patient's needs while searching for medical services abroad. We want that the guides we share about medical tourism to educate the users on every aspect of it. Education is the key to choosing the best alternatives for one's health.

Although we have just launched in February 2015, we devote alot of energy to further enlarge our medical tourism guides for patients wanting to educate themselves on medical tourism.

Transportation Cost Estimation is available to users that visit a clinic's page. Patients will find out that a flight across the Pacific is not as expensive as they thought.

In searching for a suitable clinic, the patient can send messages to listed providers and send medical records/x-rays at no cost.