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Bariatric surgery involves shrinking the stomach’s size in order to address the issue of obesity. One that has bariatric surgery is expected to lose a lot of weight. A vast majority of people who get weight loss surgery – 95% - say that the sense an improvement on the quality of life.

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Cost effective IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

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IVF procedure is very expensive both in USA and UK and is not covered by health insurance plans. The costs… read more

Fertility Treatments

Dental Implants - Calculating the Cost

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While the dental implant surgery is not complicated, the costs presented to you by the dentists are general and may… read more

Dental Implants

Medical Tourism in Brazil

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Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, with respect to population as well as area.  Hospitals in Brazil were the… read more

General Guide

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