Types of Accounts

Unregistered Accounts (FREE):

Can test the health providers administration panel, but the account is not publicly displayed.

Regular Accounts ($ 49 lifetime registration fee):

To become a regular account you need to pay the registration fee or use a voucher code. Regular accounts can receive messages from website-s visitors, have photo-gallery, details of medical team, treatments prices, accreditations, payments methods, insurance options and more.

Premium Accounts:

As long as you have Premium Credits into your account, your account type will be upgraded to “Premium Account”.

You can get Premium Credits by using a voucher code or by purchasing a “Premium Credits Package”.

  • Premium medical facilities are displayed in the top results.
  • You are displayed in the “Featured Clinics” section throughout the website.
  • Post Special Offers and Discounts that will be visible to the site’s visitors.
  • Send Review Requests to existing patients using only their e-mail address.
  • Respond to reviews on your page
  • Show video presentation of your facility.

Premium Credits don’t expire. They are consumed by each patient enquiry (you clinic is contacted by a website visitor). Every patient enquiry consumes 1 credit.

If the contact is not related to an offered treatment, you can file a Spam Report. If accepted, the consumed credit will be returned to your account.