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Safe and Affordable Surgical Face Lift

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Having a cosmetic surgery was a costly innovation attainable only by wealthy and famed individuals, but thanks to medical tourism, women and men of various social status can have aesthetic surgery at a fraction of the price with high quality. Safety should always be your priority, otherwise, infection and erroneous surgical face lift by unlicensed professionals pretending to be certified plastic surgeons may cause grotesque results.  

Signs of Aging

Aging is a wonderful blessing but along with it comes the inevitable apparent physiologic changes which may combine to portray a less desirable appearance. Majority of men and women over the age of thirty desires to have an eternal youthful appearance, as crow’s feet and laugh lines start to show on their faces.  The gradual formation of crow’s feet, laugh lines and prominent facial wrinkles are the classic signs signaling the foreseeable onset of aging and accumulated skin damage.

Premature undesirable changes of the skin’s elasticity, texture and suppleness may be accelerated by too much exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and other damaging elements, crash diets and malnutrition, skin disorders prolonged use of tobacco products, and last but not the least, the habit of overactive use of facial muscles to profoundly elaborate emotions. Persistent facial lines, especially those involved in negative emotional expressions, may erroneously portray to others, the look of dissatisfaction, resentment, anxiety, disgust, anger or sadness, despite one’s own positive internal feelings.

However, with the advent of the ever dynamic technological developments, safe and successful treatments are now readily available with the services of a Medically Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. These interventions include face lift and injecting or implanting substances which either temporarily weaken the muscles or act as skin volume fillers serve to reduce or remove the appearance of wrinkles, thus, resulting to a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.


In the medical point of view, face lift is technically referred to as Rhytidectomy. It is considered as the most extensive method aimed to reduce, if not to completely eliminate wrinkles, excess skin and other visible signs of aging in both sexes. It involves tightening or removing drooping facial skin as well as sagging skin in the cheeks, neck and chin in order to give you an attractive jaw line, firm supple cheeks and an overall youthful appearance. To have an idea of the wonderful effect of face lift on your physical appearance, simply lie flat on the floor on your back, lift your chin and hold a mirror over your face. This counteracts the effects of gravity and can mimic the basic enhancement of the neck and facial muscles that can be achieved with cosmetic facial surgery.

Getting Surgery Abroad

If you are contemplating on the idea of traveling to another country to undergo a surgical face lift or any other aesthetic plastic surgery, it is vital for you to do your research first regarding the credibility of the aesthetic health provider and identify if the venue is conducive for quick and complication-free recuperation. Choosing to have aesthetic plastic surgery abroad requires meticulous planning and comprehensive decision making by weighing the pros and cons. Talk with your chosen surgeon about your expected outcome to make sure that it is reasonable. It is also important for your surgeon to conduct a medical screening to determine whether you are at risk for complications.

Recovery period Following a Surgical Facelift

Facelift recovery is not a distressfully strenuous process but it will take 2 to 3 weeks for you to recover completely.  Your final suture is removed 7 to 9 days after surgery, depending on the surgeon and technique used. Allocate a minimum of 2 weeks for your recuperation before being seen around in public if you don't want them to notice that you have just undergone a surgical face lift.  Even the most natural facelift shows a little residual swelling at two weeks post-surgery.  

Post-surgical Expectations and Care

The following are ways to hasten your recovery:

  • Minor local irritation, redness, bruising, or swelling at the injection sites are the most commonly observed side effects, all of which typically abate within a few hours or days. This can easily be camouflaged with standard make-up, if necessary.
  • Bruising on the face and numbness on the areas fronting your ears are expected for the first few days.
  • Slight firmness in areas where the surgeon placed the supporting sutures under the skin will be palpable, yet not visible, during the first three weeks following surgery. This will eventually recede as the collagen matures in the new wound bed.
  • Interventions for tolerable discomfort post-surgery include cold compress and analgesics.
  • Sunbathing, swimming, drinking alcohol, lifting heavy objects, prolonged standing or walking are typically not recommended following surgery.

Traveling Post-surgery

If you undergo face lift surgery or any other invasive procedure, you should not consider returning home rightaway. You have to take precautionary measures to protect the surgical site from trauma and infection. Find out how long you need to wait before traveling home and follow your surgeon's advice. Since you need to stay out of the sun and give yourself time for the swelling to subside. Recovery accommodations, medical spas and resorts have been established near plastic surgery clinics. At these resorts, patients enjoy some rejuvenating spa treatments, take a relaxing vacation, and socialize with some fellow nip-and-tuckers. These facilities even provide nursing staff to change dressing and monitor wound healing. Ask your doctor, hospital, or medical travel agent if a recovery accommodation might well serve your needs. Some clinics and hotels offer package deals, which save their clients time, money, and anxiety.

Getting Surgery Abroad

The following are factors which contribute to the popularity of overseas destinations for plastic surgery patients:

  • Reluctance of most health insurance companies and national health programs to cover the costs of elective procedures undertaken for aesthetic reasons.
  • A specialist with the exceptionally high level of expertise and experience is simply not available in your own country.
  • Cutting-edge procedures which are not yet mainstream techniques in your own country. For example, the Craniofacial Center at Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan, Taiwan, is arguably one of the busiest in the world. Medical travelers from Asia and the Middle East seek out the services of Chang-Gung’s internationally renowned practitioners.
  • When the rich and famed think of traveling to have an aesthetic surgery, they think of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is generally acknowledged as the “World Capital of Plastic Surgery.” More plastic and cosmetic surgeries are performed in metropolitan Rio de Janeiro than anywhere else in the world. Although Brazil is known for its high-quality plastic surgery, its innovations in the field, and its surgical safety, patients can, nonetheless, achieve a 30–40% savings over comparable costs in the US.
  • Two of the most famous facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic and the Hospital da Plastica. Both have been around for about 40 years, achieving high success rates, low complication and low infection rates.
  • The Rosenstock-Lieberman Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica, has been in operation since 1982. It offers everything from hair transplants to tummy tucks.
  • The JCI-accredited Christus Muguerza Alta Especialidad Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico, has two plastic surgery specialists who handle everything from breast augmentation to nose nips.
  • Although it is rare that a patient would be so persuasive as to choose a country in which to have treatment purely on the basis of wishing to visit that country, it probably does happen from time to time.

Price Range for A Surgical Face Lift Abroad

The following are the average cost for facelift including the actual treatment cost, travel and accommodation costs as well as insurance:


Average Total Cost



Czech Republic















$18, 194

United Kingdom



Choosing a Competent Medical Provider

  • Consider the surgeon’s training and expertise.
  • Find out if he is certified and registered by the National Plastic Surgery Society in the country where he is currently practicing his profession.
  • Make sure that key personnel at the surgeon’s office speak your language fluently otherwise, miscommunication may result in terrible complications.
  • Directly communicate with either the doctor’s staff or the doctor himself. A travel agent should only make lodging and travel arrangements.
  • Ask for proof of certification information and the name of the certifying body when assessing a surgical setting. Regulations may vary from country to country, thus choosing an accredited clinic or hospital means that the facility has passed a comprehensive evaluation and operates in accordance with patient safety standards.




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