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Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

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Whether it’s from cosmetic reasons, and you just want a pretty nose, or you just want to free your airways from a deviated septum, rhinoplasty or nose surgery can help you achieve that. 

                Rhinoplasty is the reshaping of the nose using a surgical intervention. This treatment is suggested to a person suffering from an obstructed airway or a misshaped nose. The following conditions can be addressed:

  • Size of the nose in relation to the face is not well proportioned
  • The nose is not symmetric or is crooked
  • Wide bridge nose
  • Nasal tip is not aesthetically pleasing
  • Position or size of the nostrils
  • A nose bridge with humps or depressions


Am i a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

                Although every healthy person, regardless of gender, with a fully developed face structure (typically at around 16 years old) is fit physically to have the nose surgery, the psychological preparedness is also an important factor to be taken into consideration. One should have realistic expectations on the outcome of the surgery and understand the procedure. Instead of choosing to have a beauty-standard nose you may want to go with one that fits with your face anatomy.

The Procedure

                 Depending on your face physiognomy and the desired outcome the cosmetic surgeon will use some typical techniques. There are 3 procedural techniques that might be employed:

                Open Rhinoplasty: Will be used on patients that require extensive work. To acquire greater access, an incision is made between the nostrils, under the nasal tip. The final sutures will be well hidden using the natural contours of the nose.

                Closed Rhinoplasty: While this will not be suitable for serious work on the nasal form, it offers no visible scarring as the incisions are made inside the nostril. This procedure is used on cases that require minimal work.

                Tiplasty: It involves only the reshaping of the nose tip and can employ open or closed rhinoplasty techniques.

                Non-surgical: In cases where it’s possible, there is the option for a temporary treatment in the form of dermal fillers. The reshaped nose will hold its shape for about 1 year, thus being a cost-effective try-out of the surgical option.    

                The surgical procedures (both open and closed ones) are done in most cases under general anesthesia so you will be unconscious during the operation. If there was no work involved on the septum (the middle bone tissue that separates the nasal airways) there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital.

                The Recovery

                For the first 10 to 14 the swollen and bruising of your face will mostly fade away. Most people will be able to resume working within one week from the surgery. Exercise is restricted until 4 weeks have passed and you should definitely avoid contact sports for more than 6 weeks.

How safe is to have nose surgery abroad?

                Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery treatment that can be done by all qualified plastic surgeons. Having it done in another country bears no other risks other than the normal ones associated with having this procedure in your own country.

                As with all surgery treatments, the facility in which you will be operated has to present itself as having very tight procedures for ensuring a minimum post-operatory infection rate. Make sure that the surgeon is confident in his/her abilities, has extensive experience, and can present to you a large enough cases of before/after photographs of former patients.

                Normally you will be able to fly back to your own country after a period of about a week, time in which the doctor will make sure that the tissue is healing as it should and there are no complications.

Popular destinations for affordable Rhinoplasty

                Why pay $7000 to an american clinic if you could have the same result at less than 40% of that? To have rhinoplasty in mexico will cost you about $1800. Add to that the airplane tickets and accomodation and it will still come at less than half of what you’d pay to an american surgeon. One would think that cheaper means less quality, but the fact is that the doctors that operate in Mexico have the same education and qualifications as the american ones, and most of them are also qualified for cosmetic surgery in the US. Read our medical tourism guide for mexico to find out more about cutting the costs for healthcare.

                If you’re looking for a great option in Europe, one can find affordable nose surgery in Turkey . Turkey has become a leading destination for medical tourism in Europe as many citizens of western european countries and arab nationals come to have all sorts of treatments done here at less than half the price. Read our medical tourism guide for Turkey to undersand why it can provide affordable healthcare.

The price range

                While there may be some insurers that cover rhinoplasty, all of these cover the expenses only on cases where the nasal airways are restricted or it’s a serious medical condition. For someone that just wants a smaller nose, for example, the only option is to support the costs out of their own pocket.


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