Refund Policy

We try our best to provide only genuine patient enquiries

Our enquiries supervisors ensure that any suspicious message is checked for authenticity. Our refund policy involves just the credits associated with the purchased premium package. We don't refund the premium packages once purchased, just the consumed credits if the request is accepted. Any issues that may arise will be resolved by sending a message to

1. What kind of messages are eligible for a refund:

  • Spam
  • Unsolicited commercial offers
  • Bogus requests
  • Unrelated medical category ex: quote for dental implants to an orthopaedics only hospital
  • Both e-mail address and phone number invalid

2. Uneligible messages:

  • Messages requesting for informations regarding a category of treatments you are offering
  • Enquiries about your clinic and staff
  • Request for price quotations on a category of treatments that offer
  • Enquiry addressed to a different health care provider. Sometimes patients probe different clinics by using an already sent message template without changing the names. However, giving that it was the patient's choice to send it to you, this is still deemed to be genuine and valid.
  • Enquiries from patients later found not to be eligible for medical treatment. We cannot guarantee that the patients are suitable or not for a specific kind of treatment.

3. How and when are the premium credits consumed:

  • Credits will be charged for the first enquiry received from each person. Once a person sends an enquiry the next messages to the contacted clinic will not be charged.

    Note: each individual e-mail address is linked to one individual person; if a person uses a new e-mail address to send messages in an already charged conversation, you can ask for a refund.

  • After 5 months since the first message it is considered that the subsequent messages relate to a new treatment and it will be charged.

4. How the Refund Request works:

  • When opening a new message that is not a valid patient enquiry just press the "Mark as spam" button in the top-right corner of the message
  • The refund request will be reviewed by a supervisor
  • If the market message is eligible for a refund, the spent credit will be returned, otherwise you will be given a reason why the message is regarded as valid
  • Only refund requests made using the "Mark as spam" button will be considered