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Medical Procedures:

ICSI is a technique to assist fertilization for men with a high level of defect sperms reducing the chance of penetrating into the egg and failing to fertilize, or for men with low sperm count problems, or for men with obstructive azoospermia problems (vas deferens blocked). ICSI is generally performed under a microscope using multiple micromanipulation devices screening a single quality sperm suitable for directly injection into an egg and then let the fertilization start. After fertilization we let the fertilized egg continue to grow into an embryo and then transfer it into the uterus.

Duration: 21 days

From 4200 $

- Semen Analysis - Hysteroscopy - Initial lab Male+Female HBsAg,VDRL,Anti HIV,Rh blood group,ABO group,Hb typing,CBC,DCIP,Rubella IgG,AMH

Duration: 1 days

From 860 $

This treatment works together with the egg stimulation along with medication (tablet or injection) and ultrasound scan. Once the ovarian follicle is mature enough you will have final hormone injection to help your eggs to become fully mature and stimulate the ovulation. As a result of this medication, we can estimate your ovulation day accurately, and make an appointment for sperm injection into your uterus. Treatment includes Oral Medicines, Egg Trigger Injection Medicines, Following up Ultrasound Scan. This treatment is not complicated and uses a short time for sperm injection. This treatment is renowned as a nature-like procedure. The treatment shows successful pregnancy rate of about 10-15% from each treatment cycle. IUI is more commonly done to couples with unidentifiable causes of infertility or male patients with moderate infertile problems or female patient suffering from irregular ovulation. To achieve this treatment, at least one side of tube must not be blocked in order to let sperm travel and fertilize an egg.

Duration: 15 days

From 555 $

IVF starts from giving the injection of egg stimulation to increase the number of eggs. The eggs are then collected through the needle and fertilized with the prepared sperm under proper environmental controlled conditions in our laboratory. The fertilized eggs develop into “embryos” and continue to grow in our laboratory. After 3-5 days growth, the embryo will be placed into the uterus for implantation and let the pregnancy begin. In case there are many embryos, the excess embryos can be frozen for future use. Successful pregnancy rates resulting from this treatment shows about 30%-40%. However, the success rate can be varied by many factors such as age, embryo quality etc.

Duration: 21 days

From 3900 $

24 pairs of chromosomes aneuploidy screening

Duration: 3 days

From 4620 $

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