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Vilnius, Lithuania

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Medical Procedures:

Gastric bypass - is the combined surgery procedure, during which both the volume of the stomach (by almost 90%) and the length of the digestive tract is reduced. From the upper part of the stomach a small stomach pouch of 15-30 ml volume is created. Thanks to this, a very little amount of food is enough to experience the satiety. (The pouch restricts the food intake at one time and the patient experiences the early satiety). Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve gastrectomy) – is a procedure, during which the volume of stomach is reduced by 70 percent. A surgeon creates a small stomach "sleeve”, a tube-shaped organ, the volume of which is about 200 ml. After a sleeve gastrectomy, correction of eating and behavior habits is essential – patient must avoid high calorie beverages (milk cocktails, carbonated beverages etc.), eat in small portions of food, never lay down after meal, avoid eating and drinking at the same time, chew food properly, eat five times during the day.

Duration: 4

“Kardiolita“ is the only private hospital in Lithuania, where full cardiac-surgical assistance is provided: - In case of ischemic heart disease a selective coronography is performed during which the optimum treatment is selected subject to localization and degree of damage to coronary arteries. The following procedures are provided: Angioplasty (widening in areas of narrowing) of coronary arteries and stenting (stent placement in area of narrowing). The procedure may be performed as scheduled treatment as well as urgent procedure in course of development of myocardial infarction Coronary artery bypass surgery – bypass auto-venous or auto-arterial joints in artificial bloodstream or under beating heart conditions. The procedure shall be performed either as scheduled treatment or as urgent procedure in course of development of myocardial infarction - In case of heart valves damage of rheumatic or other origin, the following procedures are performed: Valve-preserving plastics of heart valve Replacement of heart valves with biological or mechanical prosthesis Ross operation - In case of ischemic heart disease and rheumatic valve damage together extended-combined operations of aorto-coronary bypass surgery and valve plastics or prosthesis placement are performed. - Surgery of myocardial infarction consequences: Closing of torn ventricular septum Surgical repair of ruptured heart valves chords and valve plastics Ablation of left ventricle aneurysms by restoring ventricle form and geometry, usually with additional revasculisation of myocardium with bypass procedure and valve plastics or prosthesis placement - White and blue type surgery of congenital heart defects for children older than 3 years: White type defects – closing of open arterial duct, septum of auricle or ventricle defects, correction of atrioventricular communication, resection of aortic coarctation, ablation of aorta or lung artery stenosis, etc. Blue type defects – surgical correction of Tetrada Fallot, transposition of great blood vessels, undeveloped left or right heart, Ebstein anomaly and other very complicated congenital heart defects - Operations of aorta aneurysms and acute aorta dissections: Elevated aortic aneurysm ablation preserving aorta valve or replacing it by prosthesis Replacement of aorta root by biological aorta Ablation of aortic arch and aneurysms of descending chest aorta Surgery of aorta or its branches in case of acute dissections - Restoration of rhythm by surgery or catheter placement methods are applicable in case of any diseases listed above or in case of disease development: Minimally invasive MAZE procedure (via small incisions) Open chest MAZE procedure together with valve or other heart surgeries Implantation of cardiac stimulators and defibrillators

Duration: 10-20

Surgeries performed at Kardiolita Hospital: Cataract and lens implantation surgery Glaucoma surgery Corneal collagen cross-linking surgery Eyelid surgery for entropion or ectropion Pterygium surgery Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction surgery) Ocular tumour removal surgery with histologic examination Xanthelasma removal Pinguecula removal Lacrimal punctum or canaliculi dilation Conjunctival cyst removal Chalazion removal Molluscum contagiosum removal Minor eyelid tumour (cyst, papiloma, atheroma, mole) removal Intravitreal anti-VEGF agents injection - Avastin, Lucentis or Eylea

Duration: 1-4

Many International patients choose Kardiolita for their orthopaedic surgery. At Kardiolita private hospital, we perform these orthopaedic surgeries: Hip joint replacement surgery Knee joint replacement surgery Shoulder surgeries Rotator tendon ruptures Meniscus surgery Ligament surgeries Foot surgery Reconstructive hand surgery Minimally invasive surgery: shoulder surgical treatment: shoulder joint arthrosis, rotator tendon ruptures, traumatic shoulder instability, clavicular fractures and dislocations etc. knee joint surgery: meniscus surgery, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, articular cartilage reconstructive surgery etc. Lithuania is known to be #2 in the world for the lowest number of complications in orthopaedic surgeries. Why choose Kardiolita: No waiting times The most experienced doctors in the industry: our surgeons have 35+ years of experience and perform 200+ surgeries each year Zero MRSA infections Very competitive prices Good geographical location - short and inexpensive travel Help with getting the payment reimbursed by the NHS (for UK patients)

Duration: 7-14

From 7778 $

Surgeries performed at Kardiolita Hospital: Full face plastic surgery Complicated full face plastic surgery Ear plastic surgery Upper eye lid plastic surgery Upper and lower eye lid plastic surgery with cantoplexy Upper and lower eye lid plastic surgery Liposuction surgery Breast reduction Breast enlargement Breast lift with implants Breast enlargement and lift surgery Breast implant replacement surgery Large extent scars plastic surgery

Duration: 1-7

LIPOGEMS® is a disposable, single-use, closed-loop, FDA cleared device for processing and same-day injection of adipose tissue. It's a non-expanded and micro-fractured autologous adipose tissue product for treating various pathologies. Simply put, LIPOGEMS® is a revolutionary new way of processing fat harvest to take full advantage of the complete healing microenvironment.

Duration: 1

From 2144 $

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