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Learning about Medical Tourism

Read the Recommended Guides

When searching in our database of medical providers you can read the Popular Guides suited for the term you're searching. They are displayed on the left side of results page and on the individual clinic's page.

Search Through Guides Section

Medical Tourism is becoming more and more appealing to patients that live in places where access to healthcare is not so easy. However, being treated in another country raises some serious concerns in people minds. We try to answer many of these questions in our Guides section.

Just write in "Search Guides" at the top bar what you want to find out about and press Enter key. You will be taken to the Results page in the guides section. There you will find all the medical tourism guides about that subject.

Using the Search Tools

What are Search Tools

Search tools lets you browse the database of healthcare providers around the world in search of affordable services. It lets you filter the search by using treatment, geographical or insurance keywords.

Search Results

On top of results are displayed the clinics that invested in a better positioning and presentation and then the regular providers. The results of each category (premium and regular) are randomized. The stars under the logos represent the composite rating of all registered testimonials.

A clinic's Page


A health provider's presentation page has many sections:

  • Travel Expenses Estimate

    Make sure first to select your current (top left corner). Based on that we can make an estimate on how much you may pay for traveling to the provider's location.

  • About the clinic

    Here are the most details about the clinic: its description, insurance options, certifications, accommodation options, spoken languages, extra services for patients, accepted payment methods, video presentation

  • Doctors - the detailing of the medical team.
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Prices and Special Offers

    Here you can find all advertised special offers from the provider. You can change the currency from the top bar.

  • Cost Estimation Tool

    Choose the treatments you need and find out the estimative cost for the whole treatment and flight (accommodation is not included).

Travel Cost Estimation

By opening the page of a clinic, you'll find out the estimative costs for traveling.

Make sure first to select your current (top left corner). Based on that we can make an estimate on how much you may pay for traveling to the provider's location.

Special Offers

Healthcare providers will bundle several medical treatments along with some extra services - like a sights tour or tickets to a famous attraction - and apply a discount on the whole package. These are the bargains that make medical tourism all-inclusive!

Cost Estimation Tool

On a provider's page there is a section where you can check the costs of wanted treatments. The travel costs are added to the final amount. You can change the currency from the top bar.

Contacting a Clinic

How to use the contact clinic form

When you find a clinic that corresponds to your criteria click the contact buttons on their page for enquiring about your searched treatment. Be careful to write the correct contact details (phone and e-mail) as well as formulating your enquiry as clearly as possible. The language for your message should be one listed on the clinic's about page or one of international circulation like English.

It's Free and comes with no obligations!

Contact any healthcare provider that you may be interested in. They will answer your enquiry as soon as possible and may ask you further information like medical records, x-rays in order to offer you the best answers.