Receive more messages from patients

We offer you great options for acquiring new patients, use them all to boost your success rate. Respecting these major guidelines will vastly improve the chances that your facility will be messaged by our site's visitors.

1. Setting up your online profile:

Complete your profile details

A complete profile will attract more visitors. Write a clean description (not too long, less than 200 words) of the reasons why a patient should choose your clinic. For medical tourists the quality of services and international certifications matter more than low prices. Pay attention to your medical team presentation, don’t forget to add pictures with them.

Upload video description, 3D Tour and images

The right picture worth's 1000 words, but a video presentation and a 3D tour of your clinic is better suited to convince your patients of your professional medical services. In order to insert a video presentation you need a link of the video from any public video-streaming service (Vimeo, Youtube). The 3D Tours are available to premium accounts only.

Set a custom Automatic Response Message

Whenever a visitor sends you a message, an automatic reply will be sent to the sender’s e-mail. The automatic reply should inform the enquirer that his/her message will be reviewed by one of your medical representatives and that a complete response should be expected in a certain amount of time.

Send review requests to former patients – premium accounts

We offer you the possibility to send your former patients a request for reviewing your medical services. These will be presented on your reviews section.

Purchase premium credits

Having premium credits transforms your regular account into premium account. Premium accounts are displayed throughout the site in the “Featured Clinics” section when the visitors search for one of your offered treatments. Premium accounts are shown first in the search results.

Compose Special Offers – premium accounts

Bundle different treatments and additional services (free accommodation, trips to touristic objectives, etc) into one special offer package. After you choose a price for the package, it will be advertised for free throughout the website to all sections referring to each treatments. You can create as many special offers as you want, and they will be active as long as you have a premium account (or until they're disabled).

2. Transforming enquiries into appointments:

Respond to messages in a professional manner

Reply as fast as possible
Be concise, but don't forget to advertise your strong points
Write in a professional manner

Be pro-active but don't overdo it

Find out your patient's wants and needs
Ask for medical records, x-rays, anything that may help you give a correct diagnosis
Offer a skype/phone discussion with a clinic's representative
Explain the possible treatments options and the procedures for foreign patients
Don't be pushy

Make the appointment!