Frequently Asked Questions for Medical Providers

Do I get free messages from patients?

Regular accounts can receive free enquiries from patients through the website. You will receive a message to your registered e-mail address with all the details of the enquiry.

How can I get my clinic on top of the search results?

Clinics with premium account are displayed in front of the regular clinics. A regular account becomes premium when you purchase credits packages. Your account will be premium as long as you have credits left.

What are credits?

While being premium, each message you receive through our website will consume 1 credit from your account. When you are out of credits you become regular account again.

How long do credits last?

The credits never expire, they are only consumed by receiving enquiries.

Can I display special offers or discounts?

Yes, and it's free! If you have a premium account then you can create Special Offers Packages to advertise your services by combining and pricing different treatments and extra services. Your special offers will be advertised in the sections related to the treatments you are offering.