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Having a cosmetic surgery was a costly innovation attainable only by wealthy and famed individuals, but thanks to medical tourism, women and men of various social status can have aesthetic surgery at a fraction of the price with high quality. Safety should always be your priority, otherwise, infection and erroneous surgical face lift by unlicensed professionals pretending to be certified plastic surgeons may cause grotesque results.  

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Dental Implants - All You Need to Know

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Find all you need to know about dental implants. Do you really need one? Find out what are the requirements… read more

Dental Implants

Medical Tourism in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world for medical tourism. Being located at the junction where the… read more

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Cost effective IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

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IVF procedure is very expensive both in USA and UK and is not covered by health insurance plans. The costs… read more

Fertility Treatments

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