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Dental Implants with a Holiday

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Having dental implants when you have missing teeth greatly improves the life quality and overal health. People from US, UK and other European countries seek dental care in other developing countries as they are now more concerned about their looks than they were a few years ago. Travelling for medical purpose is common these days and so has emerged the trend of dental tourism.  This saves them cost and gets expert medical treatment. 

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant, endosseous implant or fixture is a surgical procedure where a dental prosthesis such as a denture, crown or a bridge is fixed with the jaw bone or skull as an orthodontic anchor. The prosthetic can either be fixed permanently or can be placed with an adapter for removability. In both cases the implant mixture is attached with an abutment with the help of a lag-screw or cement.

The modern procedure osseointegration fixes implants made of titanium to the bone. The modern surgical process includes placing implant fixture and allowing osseointegration before adding the prosthetic or an abutment. First an incision is made splitting the gingiva so that the implant will have a pack of thick tissues called as Flap around it. In Flapless surgery, a pack of tissues are removed from gingiva to make some space for the implant. The implant is then closed with a cover screw for tooth to be actually fitted.

The procedure completes in two parts, one when the implant is fixed into your gum and second when tooth is being fixed. There has to be a gap of two to six months in these two procedures so that the gums can heal and can be prepared for the second step of the surgery. Make sure you plan your medical tour considering this. You can even ask for an implant where an extension is already attached to the implant and you don’t have to wait for months for this procedure. Consult your dentist on which option is best suited to you.


Recovery and Risks

One of the big risks of taking dental implant treatments abroad is the aftercare and handling of issues if there are any. In case of any issues arising, you have two options: getting the treatment in your home country, which may cost you huge or travel again to the same dentist, here you may save some treatment cost but travel will again be a headache. To avoid any issues later, it is imperative that you discuss all aftercare and possibilities in advance with your dentist abroad.

Follow closely the dentist’s advice on chewing, cleaning, brushing and plaque removing after the implant and keep in touch. Swelling, pain, bruising and little bleeding may occur for a week or two after the surgery. You will be advised on how long the pain killers and other medications need to be taken after the implant. Healing from surgical implant may take up to six months and the seating of crown may take two more months.

Generally the dental implants have high success rate but the problem may arise when the implants are not placed correctly and may come out. This will cause a lot of pain and cost as you will have to undergo the same process again. Therefore, choosing a highly qualified dental care provider is crucial.


Best Countries for Dental Implant

Countries like Mexico, Thailand, Hungry and Costa Rica provide huge affordability when it comes to dental implant. The dentists in these countries are not only highly skilled but you will also get a huge edge over the cost that you would’ve otherwise spent in any of the expensive countries. It is certain that travelling to these countries can save you up to 50% cost than that of in US or UK.

An hour’s drive to those living in Arizona, California and Texas to Mexico can save huge and get highly professional treatment. Clinics in San José, Costa Rica can let you save 50% to 80% of the cost for the same treatment done in US or Canada. Hungry is a dental hub for Europeans and surprisingly, the rural parts of this country have some of the finest dental clinics. Mosonmagyaróvár – a small town near the Austrian border in Hungry has over 160 dental clinics, each having highly expert professionals. Bangkok, on other hand for Asians is a medical tourism hub and has many internationally acclaimed dental clinics.


How much Dental Implant may Cost

Costs vary according to the services you want and in the city you live. US and UK as we all know are highly expensive and travelling to a foreign country that offers less expensive medical care can save you big money. Countries like Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica and India provide a great deal of affordability and expert medical services. These dentists are also equipped with the latest technology to ease out your implant surgery and to make it less painful.

Dental implant may cost you anywhere from $500 to $2000 per tooth in countries like Hungary and Costa Rica; however, in UK or US this amount would be double. Ideally you must consult your insurance agency if they cover your dental implant. It is also wise to compare price quotes from two or more providers before making a decision. Ask for breakups and see where you can save. Sometimes the stay is entirely covered by the hospital and so this way you can save on the hotel accommodation and plan your travel accordingly.


How to choose the right medical partner?

It is a perspective that doctors in developing countries are highly skilled and can cost you really less. Certainly you can save huge on the cost part but for expertise, you will have to do a little research and then make a decision. Sometimes getting a quote from a dental expert in not enough and you will have to dig things out and research well. Surf internet, compare, read reviews and consult your local doctor/dentist about which service provider is best for you.

Check the dentists experience and qualifications. Check what is their history in implants and how do they qualify for this job. You can even reach out to other patients and talk about the services of a particular medical partner abroad. Ask for a written quote and other paper work if required. Communicate well and make sure that your concerned dentist informs you about the whole process well in advance. Be informed about all the procedures and medication you are being treated with. You should always disclose all your medical conditions to your implant dentist and know if the process has any possible side effects on you.

Do not hurry, take your time and make sure you get all the information regarding the cost, treatment and procedures your doctor follows. There are plenty of qualified dental implant surgeons available out there, choose wisely!

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