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Having dental implants when you have missing teeth greatly improves the life quality and overal health. People from US, UK and other European countries seek dental care in other developing countries as they are now more concerned about their looks than they were a few years ago. Travelling for medical purpose is common these days and so has emerged the trend of dental tourism.  This saves them cost and gets expert medical treatment. 

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While the dental implant surgery is not complicated, the costs presented to you by the dentists are general and may not include some necessary operations. Read more to find out in detail what constitutes the final cost of having dental implants. Here we discuss the type of implants, anesthesia options, bone addition, sinus lift surgery and many more important options.

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Find all you need to know about dental implants. Do you really need one? Find out what are the requirements for a succesful integration of the implant in the bone tissue and which are the procedure steps. Choose only quality implants and look carefuly at the costs you may save if you travel to a well known foreign medical tourism destination. 

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Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)

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Bariatric surgery involves shrinking the stomach’s size in order to address the issue of obesity. One that has bariatric surgery… read more


7 Important Questions

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Here are the most asked 7 questions about Medical Tourism. Read this is to acquaint yourself with what to expect… read more

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Cancer Treatments at Lower Rates

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It is a well known fact that large countries have long waiting lists for surgeries but if you go to… read more

Cancer Treatments

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