Cost effective IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

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IVF procedure is very expensive both in USA and UK and is not covered by health insurance plans. The costs involved may well exceed the sustaining budget. Having the same procedure in well-established destinations for fertility treatments will cut these costs by more than 40%.  

IVF abroad

Have you and your partner expended every natural possibility of conceiving a baby? Then perhaps, you are contemplating in vitro fertilization, but reconsidering your decision due to the enormous costs of such procedures and the unpredictability of their results?

With the advent of globalization and a new breed of global travelers, today couples have some really effective and low-cost options for IVF. Again, you may have your qualms about the safety and expertise of the IVF set-ups abroad, and probably are still unconvinced by their success rates; despite the success stories you may have read about. Well, you are certainly in for a surprise, as most of these IVF centers are at par with the expensive IVF centers in the western countries today and sometimes even better equipped with the latest equipment, in addition to a trained and co-operative workforce at affordable costs. Or maybe, you have already spent a cripplingly high amount of money on a failed IVF procedure in your home country and are frantic for a better and affordable means to conceive a baby. Here’s everything you want to know about getting IVF procedures abroad.

What is IVF?

IVF is one of the most popular and effective options available to infertile couples. It involves surgical removal of the egg from the woman, which is then fertilized outside the body in a laboratory using a sperm from the semen sample provided by the male partner. This artificially fertilized egg is then implanted into the uterus of the woman intending to get pregnant. This procedure may vary depending on the reason for infertility in the couple. Thus, often a couple may require egg or sperm donors too. These additional requirements and the various medications for the inducement of ovulation and maintenance of pregnancy can simply add to the already exorbitant costs of IVF. If you are lucky you may get by with a viable pregnancy in your very first attempt. But in the UK alone, only 20-25% of IVF cycles lead to positive pregnancies, and these numbers are much lower for women above 40. Hence, couples often require more than one cycle.

How safe is it to undergo IVF abroad?

Statistics on IVF procedures abroad appear promising. In fact, most of these countries follow safety norms and medical ethics similar to the western countries. They also have emergency care and Intensive care facilities at hand to cover the unforeseen. More importantly, the doctors are well trained, and abreast with the latest research and trends, and they often hold medical degrees and fellowships from universities in the US, UK, and Europe. Even then, it is better to err on the side of caution and research the facility thoroughly before you make a decision. If possible speak to couples who may have used their services in the past. Also, if you require donor or surrogacy facilities, make sure you know the law regarding privacy and confidentiality of that particular country before you take the step.

Where can you get a cost-effective and safe IVF done?

The popular destinations today for IVF are Spain, Mexico, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Greece, and South Africa. There are some more options in addition to these countries, and you can make your choice based on the type of service you require, cost, and travel. One great destination is to have IVF treatment in Turkey as the clinics there have good results. Check out 


How much will it cost you?

In the US a single IVF cycle costs anywhere between $10,000 and $16,000, whereas in the UK the same cycle costs around £6000-9000. Now, add to that the cost of donor eggs, sperms, and surrogacy, etc. as per your requirements. It all amounts to an exorbitant figure, and what if you require more than 1 cycle? But if you get an IVF in India it will cost you a little below $4000. Even if you add your travel expenses and accommodation charges to this figure you still save more than half of what you would spend in the US.

All said and done, the road to parenthood is a little more affordable and possible today for most couples desperate for a child, thanks to medical tourism. 

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