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When a tooth has been lost, it can’t perform it’s function anymore or is simply not looking aesthetically pleasing, a dental restoration treatment can be performed on it. If the tooth root is firmly set in place then in order to restore it’s function or pleasant look, dental crowns or porcelain veneers can be placed.

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Dental crowns are replacing a damaged tooth crown. In this article about dental crowns you will find when a dental crown is needed and which types of dental crowns exist and what differentiates them. The procedure of placement the dental crowns as well as their price is also discussed here.

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What is the difference between dental crown, bridge or implant? Read the article to find which one is suited in what situation and what are the requirements for each. 

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Cancer Treatments at Lower Rates

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It is a well known fact that large countries have long waiting lists for surgeries but if you go to… read more

Cancer Treatments

Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)

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Bariatric surgery involves shrinking the stomach’s size in order to address the issue of obesity. One that has bariatric surgery… read more

Plastic Surgery

Medical Tourism in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world for medical tourism. Being located at the junction where the… read more

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