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Breast Implant Surgery

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The guide for getting breast implant surgery in a foreign destination. Cosmetic surgery is available at lower costs than you may think. All you need to know is in this article.

All you need to know about Breast Implant Surgery


Breast implant is a cosmetic surgery process of using prosthesis to change the form, size and texture of a woman’s breast. Breast implant surgery can be for mammoplasty, breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. The surgery may be of three types considering the purpose of implant, which are Saline Implant, Silicone Implant and Alternative-Composition Implant. Saline Implant surgery involves prosthesis made of sterile saline solution whereas Silicone Implant uses viscous silicone gel and the Alternative-Composition uses other fillers such as soy oil, polypropylene string, etc for Implant.


The Procedure

The procedure begins with you being ready for it and making sure that you are fit to undergo breast implant surgery. The best advice will certainly be given by your doctor who will examine your breast and the capability of your body to handle this surgery. Once you are all ready, the anesthesia will be prepared according to the type of implant you are choosing. The process starts with anesthesia and then creating incision behind breasts to make the space for implants. After inserting both  implants, the surgeon checks for proper placement and firmness and then closes the incision. In case of breast enlargement, the incision is made either under the breast tissue or behind the muscle, the decision is up to the patient.

The procedure generally takes about an hour and you can go home the same day but in some cases it may take a day more to see if things progress easily. The process is generally nice and easy. Opting for breast implant is a big decision and it may take a number of discussions with your doctor. Choosing the right implant, the right procedure, the right size and most importantly the right medical provider are crucial decisions.


Breast Implant Abroad – Safety / Recovery / Aftercare / Risks

Most people consider abroad treatment when it comes to breast implant surgery, maybe because of the cost and the discretion factor. You just need to take good care after the surgery especially if you are moving abroad for breast implant.


You will be under the effect of anesthesia for 24 hours after surgery and you may need a companion to take care of you. The patient is generally given a support bra to aid the surgery and special care must be required for the stitches. You may also need painkillers for some weeks after the surgery but make sure you don’t take or stop any medication without consultation. The instructions on carrying out usual activities and care must be followed strictly. No heavy lifting and no exercise are common instructions that are given to keep the implant and the recovery safe.

Risks/Side effects

There are generally not much side effects and risks of breast implant surgery, however one must always be aware of these and must consult the surgeon about it. A little hardness, swelling and discomfort are normal for quite some time. Bruising, scars and pain may last longer. Consult your surgeon immediately in case of bleeding.

Possible Complications

When the side effects occur they may become complications. Possible complications are side effects of anesthetics, excessive bleeding, infection or a blood clot. In case of severe infection, the implant may need to be removed to be able to treat the infection property.

Capsular contracture – developing an abnormal scar tissue around implant is another possible side effect, which is painful and another operation may be needed to treat this. In case of breast enlargement, sensitivity change is also a possibility and if you lose sensitivity in breast skin or nipple it may be permanent. Implants may also become visible if you have had small breasts. Leakage of implants is also a possibility and in this case implant may need to be taken out to prevent further issues.


Best Countries and the associated Cost for Breast Implant

Most skilled surgeons are located in countries like Thailand, India, South Africa, South Korea, Brazil or Costa Rica and if you are from UK and US you can save huge and can afford best of the treatments. While searching and comparing for breast implant medical providers, people must find out the actual airfare, accommodation, distance from hospital, duration of stay and the cost of your preferred surgery in a country so that you won’t have to compromise on any of the things. Like in Cuba, you may get the cheapest medical treatment for breast implant but availability is rare and you may have to wait longer to get the treatment and this may add up to the cost.

Silicone breast implant has a high cost edge over saline implant and the cost difference varies by a thousand dollar generally. You must also consider the future costs as these implants need to be replaced every 10-20 years. These may last a lifetime too and your surgeon can best decide the age of breast implants.

The cost generally varies with the type of medical provider, type of implant and the country you opt for this surgery; however it generally varies from $2000 to $10000. As breast implant is considered as elective surgery, most insurance don’t cover this and it may cost around $7000-$8000 in countries like USA and UK. However this is the estimate at high ends and you may save up to 80% of this cost in countries like Thailand, India, South Korea, or Costa Rica. In Thailand, the same surgery may cost around $3000 but this varies according to the type of implant you chose.

Patients generally compare the overall cost they hear from a medical provider, which covers all the expenses. One good way to determine cost of your breast implant surgery is to ask for actual breakups. The implants generally cost between $1000 to $2500 per pair depending upon their type, style and the size. As the anesthesia is a big part of your surgery, its cost must also be considered. Generally the cost of anesthesia is included in the hospital charge but you must know that it may range from $200 to $1000 and it is better to know this cost and chose your anesthetic wisely.

Your doctor’s fee is the highest and along with his/her support staff may cost you around $2,500 to $5,000 depending upon the surgeon’s expertise, background, experience and the location. Hospital expenses for a day or two may cost you around $1000 and can be reduced if you in the hospital just for few hours. There are some other costs such as the cost of blood work and tests that determine your compatibility with the surgery, which may come to $100 to $300. Mammogram may cost around $300 and the medication will vary from $5 to $300.


Choosing the Medical Provider

It is crucial to make a thorough research and find a medical provider that is legitimate, as with the case of aesthetic surgery, there are a lot of illegitimate clinics online that may catch your attention by offering very low costs and may prove to be fake and not up to the standards. You must also do good research on your medical tour operator to have a safe and hassle surgery abroad.

Make sure you consult your surgeon about every possible issue that is present and may arise after the surgery and keep in contact post-surgery. Keeping good communication avoids a lot of problems. Gather as much information as you can about the hospital, surgeon and make sure they have a good history of works to show you in the same field. Check other people’s reviews about the cosmetic surgery company you are considering and check for the surgeon’s board certification and their licensing from the local government bodies.

Check if you can get the post-surgery consultation and aftercare in your own country from the company abroad. Check if they have their representatives in your country or visit you at least once after surgery for the checkup. Also check all the price breakups and do your research accordingly to make sure you don’t pay extra and still get good services. If you have done your research right and have chosen the right medical partner, breast implant surgery will be a very pleasant experience.

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