About easyMedicalTourism.com

The team

We are a small team of young online developers and entrepreneurs that want to improve the world we live in. We come from different backgrounds, but what unites us is the aim to create an useful product. Our aim is to use technology for building an online community where patients and healthcare professionals can interact freely with each other.

Our vision for medical tourism:

In most developed countries, the access to medical services and the rising costs are important issues for pretty much anyone. When in need of even a minor surgery, one may be put in the situation of choosing to be treated in a private facility and pay a serious amount of money, or to be put on hold in a very long waiting list in the public healthcare system. Fortunately, with the advent of cheaper long-distance flights, patients can now opt for having the same treatments in other countries but for much less costs. However, the main reason of not travelling for cheaper healthcare is the fear of unknown.

A simple search on google or bing will bring a multitude of possibilities, so many would think that it's very difficult to take an informed decision. This is where we help you, the patient, all for free:

  • We organized the most important and reliable clinics and hospitals in the world for you to browse
  • Real patients are writing reviews and giving ratings
  • We offer you in-depth guides specifically written for medical travel in most popular destinations
  • It's easy to estimate the costs for receiving a treatment abroad, just use our free estimator tool
  • Find out what's the most efficient transportation for your destination
  • Easily send messages to all health providers that fill your criteria and set up the details for your trip

Being healthy lets you taste life at its fullest. If we make it easier for you to obtain affordable quality health-care, our mission is on the right track.

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